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I have developed this easy program to teach the simple mechanics of music. We live in a 3 dimensional world measured by numbers. Music is also 3 dimensional and measured with numbers.

Timing is dictated by the space in between the notes. It is the rhythm that evokes the emotion of the music just like breath, the beating of our hearts and the waves breaking on the sand.

Music is the universal language that speaks to all living things. There is evidence that plants grow healthier when exposed to music. Some farmers have been known to put speakers in their fields to play symphonies for their crops. Many times when I play the piano, small animals will come on my porch to be entertained. A lullaby will calm a baby and put it to sleep. Even the earth sings as she soars through the solar system spinning on her axis.

Our world is full of music. I often use the sounds of nature when I write music. The birds sing, the waves move, the stream babbles and the wind whistles. I actually wrote a different melody for each season. I was inspired by leaves falling in the autumn, cold wind and snow blowing in the winter, the beauty and renaissance of spring and the warmth and playfulness of summer.

After taking this course you will have the basic tools to create your own compositions. Like an artist with a blank canvas and colorful paints, you will also be able to create a unique style of playing that belongs only to you.

Reading Music is Easy

Reading music is as easy as A-B-C-D-E-F-G and counting to 4. I developed this lesson for my brother, Steve, when he told me ha wanted to play the piano. This book provides an easy method to learn how to site read piano music using simple patterns making it easy to understand.
If you would like to learn how to compose music, make your own arrangements and accompany yourself and others I recommend you purchase our MUSIC IS NUMBERS book.
One girl I know was able to join in a band after just two weeks of practicing!
My goal is to make you feel accomplished right away and enjoy making music on the piano.


Music Is Numbers

In Nashville they call it “The Number System.” Easy to understand, this book will have you immediately composing your own tunes and arranging simple ways to accompany any song you want to play or sing. In fact, I know a girl who joined a band after practicing these short lessons after only two weeks.
The Nashville number system was created for studio musicians to easily transcribe songs into different keys depending on the vocal range of the singer. MUSIC IS NUMBERS will show you how to create different harmonic sound combinations. It’s as easy as mixing yellow and blue paint to create the color green.


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