Funny, Charming, Sexy
and Heart-Warming
with memorable characters

The year is 1923 and Miss Pearl’s Parlor is open for business. Young, pretty Emma Grace has just lost her father to tuberculosis and has shown up at Miss Pearl’s looking for a job. She tells Miss Pearl she has never been with a man before. Pearl takes pity on her and invites her to work in the kitchen. That evening a handsome young cowboy, Tommy Lee, comes to the parlor for his birthday. His friends have put their money together for his first time with a woman. Tommy Lee is reluctant but when he sees Emma Grace, it is love at first sight. Acting like a perfect gentleman, they spend the evening talking in a gazebo gazing at the stars. Tommy Lee’s mother becomes concerned when she learns he wants to marry a girl he met at Miss Pearl’s Parlor.

Act One is light and funny and ends with a dangerous gangster kidnapping Pearl. Act Two begins with Texas Katie rescuing Pearl. The audience will hear the ring of a rifle shot. Throughout the musical, the audience is introduced to different memorable characters who visit the parlor. Ten women, including a fun loving black woman named Mozella who is always quoting the bible, work at Miss Pearl’s Parlor. As the story progresses the audience gets a glimpse of the back stories about each of the girls. The villains are the church ladies who are outraged at the fact that Pearl has brought her girls (they refer to as whores) to their church.

Empowering women, respect and appreciation, and basic human nature are the main themes of PEARL’s PARLOR. Be prepared to laugh out loud and tear up with a sentiment. History can be funny! The Ballad of Suzy Poontang and Doctor Gedderhoffe are both TRUE stories. Suzy Poontang was a girl from China and Doctor Gedderhoffe is a song about the old-fashioned cure for female hysteriaAlthough PEARL is written in good taste, because of the subject matter it is rated R.

The musical is based on the historical novel, PEARL. The sequel is called DIAMOND which is the story about Heather (with her feather) who goes to Hollywood and writes the script to the musical PEARL. The books can be sold at the performances for additional revenue.

Listen to the Music

The Cowboys Are Coming to Town

Speak Easy

If Texas Was a Woman

Deep Pockets

The Train Ride

This Night Ain’t Over Yet

You Make Beautiful Love With Your Eyes

Nobody Hears When She Cries

It Happened Tonight

The Last Time

If You Could Wear My Slippers For Just One Day

Promised Land

Santa Rita Boogie

A Woman is Like a Violin

She Cooks She Cleans!

Suzy Poontang

Doctor GedderHoffe

Cure for the Blues (Finale)

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