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In Nashville they call it “The Number System.” Easy to understand, this book will have you immediately composing your own tunes and arranging simple ways to accompany any song you want to play or sing. In fact, I know a girl who joined a band after practicing these short lessons after only two weeks. The Nashville number system was created for studio musicians to easily transcribe songs into different keys depending on the vocal range of the singer. MUSIC IS NUMBERS will show you how to create different harmonic sound combinations. It’s as easy as mixing yellow and blue paint to create the color green.

Have fun!

I begged for piano lessons for years and finally one month after my tenth birthday I had my first piano lesson. It took over a year to learn what I am going to show you in a few short weeks. You will not be writing letters or putting colors on your keyboard. You will be learning how to read music by recognizing chord patterns. Not only will you be able to read music, but you will also have a better understanding of how harmonics are formed which will make it that much more easier to read.  My goal is to motivate you to go to the piano and enjoy making music. So let’s get started!