Cynthia Jordan

Cynthia Jordan began her career in music as a songwriter when in 1983, her song, Jose Cuervo, became Billboard Magazine’s number one country song of the year. Her recording of Jose Cuervo went to #1 in Los Angeles and caught the ear of producer and musician, Snuff Garret. When Shelly West recorded it, the song became a national hit.

In 1984, after her success with Jose Cuervo, Cynthia moved to East Texas where she founded Kids for Kids, a Christian music ministry for children. Her timeless songs are recorded by the Kids for Kids Choir and she has written a musical for children called Walking with Jesus, perfect for churches and VBS.

For 12 years, Cynthia studied classical piano with concert pianist Doctor Nino Albanese. In 1997 she moved to Nashville where she signed a record contract to compose and produce 11 CDs of ambient piano music for Page Music. By 2000, Cynthia had over 5 million downloads of her instrumental music.

After receiving numerous letters telling her how her music was helping people, Cynthia began researching studies on the effectiveness of using music as a catalyst to accelerate healing. She began working with Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and developed a program that is used for Continuing Education Credits for nursing programs, geriatrics, hospice, pediatrics, drug and alcohol rehab and special needs children. Music a Powerful Soul-ution is the name of her keynote speech and workshops. In 2005 Cynthia moved to San Angelo, Texas, and created a radio program she calls Ahh Radio. Every evening from 9 to midnight, 97.1 FM plays her programmed music to help people relax, students study and to calm children before bedtime.

Cynthia was first published when her story Tita was included in Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul. Since then has written 9 books. Butterfly Moments and If This Was Heaven… are both non-fiction. She has written 4 books for children. The Lady in Blue, the story of a nun who lived in the 17th century, has been translated into 3 languages. She also wrote Messages from Our Animal Friends, The Story of Creation and The Noble Evergreen Trees. Her historical fiction novels, Pearl, Diamond, and Ruby address women’s challenges from 1860 to 1925. These stories have evolved into her newest keynote she calls, The New Woman.

More recently, Cynthia is writing musicals and screenplays. The Lady in Blue Musical Ballet has been performed with the accomplished arranger and conductor, Fagner Rocha. Miss Pearl’s Parlor is currently being developed with director Bruce Lumpkin who has worked over 40 years on Broadway and is the recipient of the Barrymore Award. Her screenplay, Ruby is written from her novel of the same name.

Cynthia is an entertainer at heart and guarantees her audiences will never be bored! If you happen to hear her speak or read one of her books, make sure you have a box of Kleenex nearby or prepare to laugh out loud.