is a novella created from PART ONE of the historical novel,
PEARL by Cynthia Jordan.

From 1900 to 1911, the Everleigh Club was the most elegant place in Chicago for a man to find female companionship. Like the Geishas of Japan and the Courtesans of Venice, the girls were elegant, smart, gorgeous, and extremely masterful in giving sexual pleasure. It was an exclusive badge of honor to even be admitted. An elite club with a select clientele, the Everleigh Club was only available to men who were formally introduced, possessed an engraved card or presented a formal letter of introduction. Men of wealth and status bragged to their colleagues, “I am going to get Everleighed this evening,” thus; the term “going to get laid” was born.

There was one memorable butterfly who was exceptionally beautiful. Her name was Victoria Pearl. “All women are like beautiful pearls, Victoria,” her mother had told her one day. “A pearl is formed when a grain of sand has entered the tightness of the fresh water shell and then irritates the mussel inside. The longer the process the more beautiful and lustrous the pearl becomes with layers and layers of iridescent radiance. Finally when it is opened, a beautiful treasure is discovered inside.”

Women are capable of taking a man into uncharted realms of exciting adventures of mystery and universal understanding. Like the discovery of a lustrous pearl, when a woman is appreciated and adored she will open herself up to reveal the sacred treasures and gifts she holds deep within her heart. Her soul is love, and her true beauty is the generous light radiating within her heart. In her story, Victoria Pearl teaches us that the human experience is fascinating and nothing on earth can compare to the deep love we are all capable of giving.